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"I am a huge fan of Retro Supply and the high quality of products they are willing to supply designers for just signing up.They were very easy to use and I was able to use them on multiple projects right away." 

Thomas Ramey, Graphic Designer


Here's What You Get

Subtle Brush Kit

A collection of subtle Photoshop brushes designed to build up rich beautiful textures. Use it with with a 25% opacity and flow setting and build slowly, or bring it to 100% for a dramatic distressed look.

1940s PSD Mock-Up Sample Kit

This collection of mock-ups and photographs were inspired by 1940s industrial design. The pack includes vintage office goods, a Moleskine notebook, mason jar, and old crate and more. Each image was made using real vintage materials whenever possible.

Paper Supply Co. Textures

A collection of vintage paper textures. Collected from World War II navy ships. These textures will give your work a true vintage touch.

Subtle Screen Brushes

Good halftones are a fast and easy way to add some old school grunge and authenticity to your design. This pack includes a lots of real halftones you can start using right away.

Vintage Logos Vol. 2

Need a vintage logo in a hurry. Just crack open this set of logo templates, add your own text to the free fonts and you're good to go!

10 Retro Photographs

A collection of 10 retro inspired photographs. Includes a black vintage business card, retro radio, chalkboard, gear and more!

5 Textured Mock-Ups

Perfect for presenting work that needs a rough and aged feel. These textured mock-ups are crazy easy to use. Just paste your work into the clearly marked folder. That's it!

Photoshop Halftone Textures

We searched through magazines and newspapers from the 40s and 50s. We chose only the best halftones, scanned them, cleaned them up, and packaged them up nicely for you.

Standard Issue Vector Sampler Pack

You've probably noticed it's hard to find vector textures. This Standard Issue Vector Sampler Pack will hold you over for a while. It contains  vector textures and graphics from vintage catalogs. This ought to hold you over for a little while!

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you