5 Fonts to Use in Your Retro Design Work

Funkidori font in use on SuperGrain cover

What font is that?

As designers we’re always looking for great fonts. Something that drives me crazy is when other designers won’t tell you what font they’re using. So I thought I’d start a blog series sharing my favorite fonts.

Here’s 5 of the most common fonts I’m asked about from RetroSupply customers. 


Funkidori font in use on SuperGrain cover

This is one of my absolute favorite fonts. I love that it has massive amounts of character and also gives off a 1970s shag rug carpet vibe. I used it on one of my favorite RetroSupply product covers, SuperGrain.

Grab the font for yourself here

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque in use on the Atomic Age Print Pack

Brandon Grotesque in use on the Atomic Age Print Pack

This was the first big font purchase I ever made. I spent $200 to purchase the font (which was and still is a lot for a font). But I can honestly say, this font has paid for itself many times over. I use it all the time. And to this day people constantly ask me about it.

You’ll find it all over RetroSupply products (here it is on The Atomic Age Print Pack). Typically I use it for smaller text areas that need a vintage feel. I think of it as a modern version of Futura.

Grab Brandon Grotesque here.

Heroic Condensed

Heroic Condensed font in VintagePress cover

Every designer needs a good condensed font. They’re great for fitting lots of information it tight spots and they look great. Heroic Condensed is by far my favorite condensed sans-serif. It has a modern look but still calls back to classic condensed fonts like Futura Condensed.

Here’s an example of Heroic Condensed in use on the VintagePress cover.

Grab Heroic Condensed here.

Graphic Stylin NF

Graphic Stylin on the Megatexture Pack

Graphic Stylin in use on one of the sample images for the Megatexture Pack

I saw another designer using this font and had to find it for myself. It took about 45 minutes of digging deep into the MyFont library. This font is a script/stencil hybrid and it has an unmistakable look that will get peoples attention.

Grab Graphic Stylin NF here.


Filmotype fonts on Retromatic cover from RetroSupply

I used Filmotype fonts all over the cover of RetroMatic

Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype introduced by its founders Allan and Beatrice Friedman was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s) and it used 2-inch filmstrips with over 500 amazing display alphabets so the user could set headlines on photo paper or film.

You can see Filmotype fonts in prominent use the Retromatic cover above.

Grab Filmotype fonts here.

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